The Juliet & Willow Brand

Juliet and Willow is a lifestyle brand that offers sweet baked goods such as luxury handcrafted biscotti and other bakers’ confectionery of delectable flavours created to perfection. All our products are made with love, carefully packaged, and ready to be gifted for that special someone.

Our Biscotti

Biscotti made with love and passion

Our luxury biscotti are uniquely made by our artisan chefs using only the freshest locally sourced ingredients and absolutely no preservatives. All our biscotti have a shelf-life of 3 months.

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Elegantly packaged, they can be bought as a gift for loved ones, friends, or simply for oneself to enjoy with either coffee, tea or wine.




We believe everyone who has a love for gourmet food are connoisseurs in their own right. That is why our products are all handcrafted and artisan-made. We want to be able to satisfy the sophisticated palate.

We believe in gourmet and quality food, thus, we make sure that this standard is reflected on the products we create. Because we know you like to enjoy the finer things in life, we want to be able to offer this in all aspects of our product, not just in the food itself but also in the way it is presented through its packaging.

Biscotti is also known as cantuccini. These are Italian almond biscuits (cookies) that originated in a city in Tuscany, Italy. They are twice-baked, usually oblong-shaped, crunchy, and often dipped in a drink such as coffee, tea or dessert wine.