Story Behind The Name

Juliet and Willow are the names of my children. The reason for such a personal choice in naming a range of products is that I regard food such as biscotti more than just a grocery product, rather something unique and joyful that comes from my family and is shared with other families and friends in Melbourne to the world.

Phillip Marzella, Owner/Founder

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The inspiration for the brand and the range of products is the Romantic era. Romanticism rejected the hollow get-up-and-go of the Industrial Revolution and rather promoted intuition and emotions over industrialism.
Accordingly, in today’s frenetic world, Juliet and Willow captures a lost romanticism. It seeks to celebrate the aesthetic and especially the palatable experience. Juliet and Willow foods belong to an exquisite moment untouched by time; a time when you enjoy eating a timeless classic: the biscotti.


The Biscotti

Our Gift of Timelessness

Juliet and Willow believes that we deserve a moment of contemplative luxury in our eating.
A rich, unhurried pause in our enjoyment of food. The food is free of any added preservatives, nothing artificial, all the ingredients are real and made by a real baker. Our food is something to be savoured to be enjoyed for its aromas, fragrances and natural flavours. The brand would like to share with the world the real joy of slow-food.